3.29.14, packing

Preparing…   This is all the gear I will take either on me or in bags:

3 shirts, 3 biking pants, 1 bathing suit & pair of shorts, hat, helmet, jacket, 1 long pant,  3 pair socks, hammock, sleeping bag, mess kit,  cold gear (bini & gloves), 5 inner tubes, 2 tires (not shown), bike tools, pump & lubricant (couple different kinds, bikers understand), bike shoes, walking shoes, sandals, toiletries,  sun block & whatever food will fit.  Of course phone and solar panel for charging!   



The weather looks great now for Tues and Wed through MD and DC, & looking good for VA  later in the week.  Per Robin Williams – “Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!”


The family that offered to help with expenses is not reachable.  I hope that they are well as one has been ill for some time.   Trying to remain calm.  Grateful  Ms. Beth told us about warmshowers.org, looks like I will be calling on hosts more than I had anticipated.


A big thank you to Troyers Liquors and the Troxel family for the donations they collected over the past few months!   Please support their business on York Rd in Hereford, between Mt Carmel Rd and the High School!