Pics from 6.24 and 6.25

It was hard leaving the hospitality and friendship of Tiffany, Megan, Linda, Charlie and everyone in Palm Desert. I am glad I will see them again in only a couple of days at the conference.
Here are pictures of a get together, final family pics, loading up the car, lunch and Laguna Beach. Thank you for giving me a lift out of the desert! I honestly can say I am glad a little bit of reason got into my head and I accepted the ride basically from Vegas to Pam Desert then from Palm Desert over the mountain. I suppose if I was a “supported” rider and Hitch could have been kept cool in a car or van (and I could have cooled off when needed) I would have attempted it. There is a limit I suppose to my craziness.














6.28.17 Dedication – Kolee

You can just see from this picture that Kolee is a ball of fun! 20 months old and walking! That is fantastic! I hope I will meet her, looks like she has my level of energy. For her it is called determination, a great characteristic; mine, however, is called stubbornness. Why is that? Oh right, because she is ADORABLE!


“This is Kolee, she is 20 months old. Kolee was diagnosed with Williams syndrome at 6 months old. Kolee has pulmonary valve stenosis, bilateral branch stenosis and svas. Kolee just started to walk on her own about a month back and is starting to try to say more words. She is so cautious and yet so determined. She had taught me so much! She is such a joy and a true blessing to our lives.”

6.27.14 Dedication – Mitinique

We met Mitinique’s family many years ago when she was probably in elementary school. They would make the trek from Richmond to the picnics in the DC area and to our home in Northern Baltimore County. I have not seen her is a few years, hope to see her real soon! Her personality matches her looks – BEAUTIFUL!


Mitinque Davis was diagnosed with Williams-Syndrome when she was 2 years old. She is now 17 years old. Mitinque still to this day can brighten a room with her beautiful smile, bright brown eyes and great self confidence. She loves to give hugs and give others compliments. Mitinque loves reagge music, dancing and her dog Petey. She enjoys working on her computer, playing her keyboard, completing puzzles and getting dressed up. Her family loves her and would not change anything about her. She has taught us so much. How to truly love unconditionally, how to forgive no matter what, and how to enjoy life. She is that special gift God had just for them.

6.26.14 Dedication – Tatum

We have known Tatum and her family since Tatum was a baby. She is the funniest kid I have ever seen, keeps everyone laughing for sure. Her sister Emma is the best big sister she could ask for. Her mom, Lisa is co-chair of the Mid-Atlantic region with Erin whose daughter was spotlighted yesterday. Lisa’s babsitter Emma is the original Williams Syndrome Walk host, having done it as a school project when she was in high school! From one walk in Frederick MD look at what it has grown to! Emma still comes back each year from New Mexico to help Lisa and Erin with the walk! Yes, this is the same Emma that hosted me a couple days as I rode through Albuquerque.




Tatum loves to talk, will talk to anyone anywhere! At Hopkins the other day she made a point to try to strike up a conversation with everyone she made eye contact with! Ya better watch your phone when she is around. She will gladly pick it up and start dialing to see who will answer on the other end. She loves music of course and horses. Rules though, that’s a different story, they do not apply to her : )

6.25.14 Dedication – Sophie

Jake adores little Sophie! He always makes a point to say hello and give her a hug when he sees her. Just look at her smile, ADORABLE!!! Here are pics of her going on the bus the first day of Pre-K and at graduation. A prim and proper little lady!

Shout out hello to her Mom, Dad and brother too. Mom Erin is co-chair of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Sophie R 1

Sophie R 2

Sophie R 3

“As I reflect over the last 3 years I can’t help but consider myself so lucky for the amazing individuals who have helped Sophie grow and blossom. (Recently) Sophie graduated from one of her preschools only this one she has attended over the last 3 years. Sophie attended a “typical” preK program… as well as a special Ed program through our county which she started attending right after her 3rd birthday. Sophie has been fortunate to have the most amazing teachers and therapists who truly care about Sophie’s potential and all that she is! When you send your child off to school you can only hope they are touched by individuals who genuinely love their job and are there to make a difference in a child’s life. The staff at Stone Mill Elementry school showed not less then the best! This post is dedicated to them!

“Sometimes it’s not about the journey or the destination…but about the people you meet along the way.” -Nishan Panwar

Sophie has made strides that I could not have even dreamed of when she was just 3 years old and getting on that big yellow bus for the first time. She proves to exceed all expectations and show any preconceived beliefs to be incorrect! Sophie is my superstar and I am so grateful to those who help her strive to her fullest potential. Next year Sophie will enter Kindergarten at our neighborhood home school, Ritchie Park Elementry School. She will be fully included with her typical peers and we are looking forward to this next step in our journey.

“Life is a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of the next.” Joseph M. Marshall Iii

6.24.14 Sad News – Xavier

I am so sorry to share with you the little Xavier has been given his angel wings. Xavier, am sure all the angles and Reese are giving you big feathery hugs!


As a community we need to help the WSA raise funds so they can help fund research that one day WILL help those with heart issues!!

6.23.14 Update and Funny Story

Catching up on all the news from over the weekend.

OK… Remember the Toia Family from Vegas – a HUGE shoutout to the BMX family – “Tre’ rocked it out with a huge first place finish both days and Levi (with WS) killed it on the Strider with a 2nd and 3rd!”

The National WSA office is getting ready for the convention next week. A Major Major undertaking!

wsa 2


And now your funny story – smiles from Jacey, one of my little girlfriends in VA…

“Jacey just told the med student “look you have on ballet shoes” lol poor guy didn’t know what to say! lol I say embrace your inner ballerina- my little chick loves all things ballet”

Talking about little girlfriends… Abby, I miss you too! (a message from her mom…)


6.22.14 Update

San Diego was a blast! I got to meet a lot of new people I now call friends. We had a picnic on the grass and went for an incredible boat ride. It is CRAZY how the weather is different on the other side of the mountain. It is only about a 90 minute car drive, but the temps change by like 35 degrees in that 90 minute ride!!!

OH!!! HUGE NEWS! Bigger than Hitch loosing her first tooth : )
I emailed Thule, they make an elite stroller. They are going to DONATE the Cougar 2 trailer with the bike and jogging wheel attachments!!! A stroller you ask? No baby here. It is so I can push the gear and Hitch when we head Eastbound on foot! Like I told Mom, “That’s what all the Cross Country solo runners do”
I am preparing that this will be quite different from running cross country at Hereford High. Instead of doing “The Dip” twice in a race, it will be over and over and over, literally. Anyone live near Sacramento that the stroller can be shipped to / I can pick up from?

boat 1

boat 3

boat 4

boat 5

boat 6

boat 7

boat 8

boat 9

boat 10

boat 11

boat 12

boat 13

boat 14

boat 2

photo (56)

photo (58)


bike attachment


Anyone with a connection to a running shoe company? I will go through about 10 pair…

6.21.14 Update

I am hanging with Meg and Tiffany for a couple more days. There is a WS get together tomorrow in San Diego that I will go to with them. I heard it will be a lot of fun so am looking forward to meeting some more WS families.

Hitch pre-nail trim.  She cried like a baby getting the trim. 6.21.14

Hitch pre-nail trim. She cried like a baby getting the trim. 6.21.14

Sight seeing near Palm Desert 6.20.14

Sight seeing near Palm Desert 6.20.14

The desert is so pretty.  6.20.14

The desert is so pretty. 6.20.14

Palm Springs 6.21

Palm Springs 6.21

Mountains near Palm Springs 6.21.14

Mountains near Palm Springs 6.21.14

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 6.21.14

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 6.21.14

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 6.21.14

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 6.21.14


Mountains near Palm Springs 6.21.14

Mountains near Palm Springs 6.21.14

On the Aerial Tramway Palm Springs 6.21.14

On the Aerial Tramway Palm Springs 6.21.14

Hitch lost her first baby tooth 6.20.14

Hitch lost her first baby tooth 6.20.14

Meg and Hitch

Meg and Hitch just chillin 6.20.14

Meg and Hitch just chillin 6.20.14

6.20.14 Update

Yesterday I spent the day with Megan and we went to the zoo near her house. It is CRAZY hot! When they announced on the news that the cold front that kept temps under 100 degrees was over that should have been the clue!

This weekend there is a WS teen event near San Diego. I will attend this with Megan and look forward to meeting all her friends there. I will need to head out of Palm Desert and start toward Anaheim soon. Looks to be a pretty hilly 3-4 day ride.

Dedications to resume when I start riding again. You can look at the Index page to find the date of previous dedications if you are a newer blog reader.