November 7

Rainy day in southern Mississippi. It was warm so I really didn’t mind. I really only notice I  am wet when I go into a store or gas station for food then the AC hits me like a ton of bricks.  Made it to Johnny RV resort in Theodore LA. At first they said they wouldn’t let me set up the tent, even if I paid for a full hook up. When I was about to leave I saw this big dude with DIRT NAP written across his knuckles. We got to talking. He just retired as an MMA fighter. He went back in and the next thing I know I have a cabin with a shower and tv! Super good price so I offered to help with clean up from the storm since I will be here all weekend.  Later in the afternoon there were some kids on bikes and skateboards.  One kid, Josh, reminded me of me when I was his age (12). I had them fooled that I couldn’t skateboard and was acting like I had no balance then started doing tricks. Pretty funny to see their reactions. We tossed the football and just hung out.  Then there was all this commotion about the Louisiana game. They looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked what that was all about. I guess they REALLY like their college football down here.

My foot has been hurting. I think there may be a piece of glass in there still. I will go to a doc in a box Monday if it still bothers me.

I only have about 70 more miles to go to get to Gulfport where Molly will fly into on Thursday.  The planters faciaitis and stress sprain have been bothering me so having a day off will be good, will need it to make it the last 80 miles.


Days 19-21- Alabama 

The fast few days have far from easy, it all started when I woke up on the 2nd and something wasn’t right… All day I felt this enormous amount of weight on my shoulders, I didn’t have an appetite and I mostly ate candy. I know it’s all mental stuff going on tho and the injure isn’t slowing me down too to much and like I said earlier when I run that after a few miles my legs tingle up and go knumb but it’s because I think I’m stopping. Everyday and all I think about giving up, it’s something anyone would, I mean it’s just tough mentally. With my other trips it wasn’t as difficult as it is now, every Fall I find myself slipping away from what actually going and with a trip going on it’s pretty damn tough. My foot hurts but I know myself better than anyone else and I know when my body is shutting down, my foot isn’t the thing that’s actually holding me back, it’s my mind. Stopping the trip would beat me up more actually completing it. When I was out on the trail something told me that I had to do trip, I had to help out children somewhere where there actually need it, somewhere where you would never think to bring help. As you read this there’s things happening to children out there who are witnessing things that will haunt them forever. That’s someone’s fucking kid and were worried about turning down the AC b/c it’s too hot or mad they clogged their toilet. Something hit me when I was hiking that told me that I had to help out someone I’ve never met and build a place for these kids to have a goodnights rest that we all take for granted. We were given this life for a purpose and whatever that purpose or cause is is for you find out, I found out school wasn’t my thing (it never was) and the business field where I were a suit and tie and work in a 5×5 cubical isn’t my thing either. I could never sit in one place so what hell why not travel and raise awareness of different things that I believe in is. Its not a forever thing but it’s not over till I think I’ve made in an impact. The past few days have been hell but I kicked some ass and made it all the way to Alabama! Tomorrow I’m gonna make my way up to Mobile and try to make good miles b/c I’m not trying to stay in a city. I can’t believe I’ve come all this way in such good timing averaging 30 miles day from the Keys to Alabama-650 miles barefoot and still moving!  




























 The only thing I believe that is keeping me going are the prayers people send me, when you meet someone you never thought existed and you share a conversation no matter how long it is, if you listen closely you find something in those words that will help you down the road. All we have to do is listen…..

Day 18- 33 Miles 

Cole Ridge Campground- Bristol

  • Today started bad and it’s looking like it’s ending bad too, I broke the quick release pin on my front wheel to the stroller last night and ended up having a cop give me a ride the last 3 miles to the campground. I gave my friend Will in Tallahassee to see if he could pick me up the piece I need and he was more than happy too so when he arrived to the campground around 10 we ended up find out it was the wrong sized pin so we drove back to Tallahassee to get a new and a spare in case! On the way back we stopped at a gas station to pick up a few snacks and when my total came out to be $20 in  candy Will beat me to the punch and paid for my snackage for the day which was super nice!!! I finally got on the road around 11:30 and a few miles into my run my foot began hurting really bad again but this time is was a hot burning sensation and it took over my whole foot and it made me come to a complete stop. I didn’t step on anything and nothing went into my foot but the pain was in the same spot it’s been since the beggining; on my second day running I noticed the pain my my right foot but nothing too serious, as the days progressed and miles increase the pain increased. It came and went but yesterday when I was in Tallahassee I went to a clinic to get it checked out and they gave me the worst news I could get, the diagnosed my foot with Plantar Fasciitis,  Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and that I need to stop and put a boot on my foot. Well I’m not going to put a boot on foot but I also knew something was going to happen sooner or later but not this early, looking to my past and everything I’ve done in the past 18 months and to see that I’ve made it this far pretty much non stop, from biking across the country then running back to hiking the Appalachian Trail in under 3 months and now attempting to run to Alaska? My body is bound to give up on me at some point and I don’t want it too be soon… Running to Alaska is starting to look like is starting to slip away and now I’m trying to focus on just getting across now. I don’t even know how I feel now and watching everything slowly vanish infront of me, I know my health is most important thing but not finishing something I started will tear me apart and it will until I do what I said I was going to do. When I was running today that’s all I was thinking about, that’s all I do when I run is think, I think about my past, I think the things I’ve done, and  I think about what I want to do before my clock stops ticking. For the last 10 miles of day it rained on me and I was okay with it, I knew deep down my trip was slowly coming to end. I just have to try and find the joy in the journey.  I finally made it Bristol and ran up to and little motel and I think that’s where I’ll be spending my night with warm shower and AC. Molly is flying out to meet in Gulfport, MS and that’s the one thing that I’m running toward now, with in the next few days I should be arriving to town to meet up with her and spend a few well needed days together. By the time she comes out I’ll be in need of a fews off my feet and hanging out at the beach with a piña colada in my hand with my toes in the sand. 


Day 17- 37 Miles

­Well after tossing and turning all night I finally decided to get up and start packing up all my things. Something didn’t seem right this morning and I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t till my dad texted me and said turn your clock back and hour and that it was day light savings time that it made sense! After getting on the road I started finding my little groove but not so fast. I received 2 phone calls this morning from 2 different TV stations. They wanted to talk about my journey so that was cool! After the exciting news I high tailed it to Tallahassee, my first big check point!! It was a 26 mile run to Florida State Univerity where the news crew wanted to meet up. So after a 6 hour run I finally made it! My friend from High School Will enrolled at FSU and invited me over  to his place for a bit. It was great seeing him again! After the interviews I had to leave town to do more miles but it started getting dark on me! That daylight savings time was not helping… I ended up just making it in time to set up before it got pitch black! I’ll find the news articles and post them as soon as I can!