5.22.14 Dedication – Savanna

Savanna is amazing! She is sweet & funny & pretty! I am glad I got to spend a couple days with them in Petal Mississippi. Her whole family was soo nice to Kori and I. They took us around town, we really appreciated that! Do well in school Savanna and I hope to see y’all again real soon!


“Savanna(15) was only diagnosed when she was 12, although, looking back, it was very obvious now, that she has Williams Syndrome. We have been very blessed that unlike many WS kids, Savanna never had the severe medical problems that many have. The only medical issue that she has is severe scoliosis, she has had 13 back surgeries. She has double rods in her back and her spine has been fused. It truly doesn’t slow her down much. She is turning into a typical teen pretty much.”

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