5.27.14 Dedication – Levi

Guess who I am going to meet in a couple weeks? Yup, Levi! I can’t wait! Doesn’t he sound like an amazing little man? Look at his eyes. These are beautiful WS eyes with the starry pattern. Amazing!!! Click on the pic to enlarge and just look at them, they are mesmerizing! When you look at them it is like you are traveling through space almost. The other one with the thumb up is classic! Have you noticed the thumbs up in pics of boys and men posted previously?

Toia1proof (2)

Toia3proof (2)

Levi is a 5 year old super hero loving, joke telling, monster truck crashing, Strider racing, little charmer. He adores his kitty cat Darth Vader. Looks up to his brother and sister and is a friend to everyone he meets. He is a bit of a local celebrity and his mom has to often ask strangers how they know each other. His smile can brighten anyone’s mood, his laugh is contagious and his hugs are all that is needed to fix a bad day. When Levi was first diagnosed with Williams Syndrome his family was distraught. Within a month of his diagnosis they were scheduling his first of two open heart surgeries. They were faced with so many uncertainties and spent a lot of time pondering the question of, “What did we do wrong…where did we go wrong…why is this happening to us?” But, they pushed through the hard times, the never ending Dr. appointments, therapy sessions and the scary hospital stays. They learned a lot about medical terminology, insurance games and became great scheduled jugglers. Then they got to actually enjoy their baby again, be a family again. Things got easier, they found their new “normal” and today now ask the question, “What did we do right to deserve this amazing little spirit that touches lives of everyone he meets?”

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  1. Levi is my nephew. He is an amazing, loving, smiling all boy! We love him so. He warms the heart of anyone who has the privilage to meet him. Good luck on your trek. You are awesome. Hopefully we will get to meet when you go thru Henderson.

    Good Luck.

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