5.27.14 (stats)

First a shout out Happy Birthday to Evan! Evan’s dedication day was 4/12

new 5.27 chart

new 5.27 graph

It was a warmer day today, it is amazing how much the temperature swings between day and night out here. Left the desert and went into the northern part of Coconino National Forest to a warm showers host home. Thank you Bruce and Vicky! For the longest time it did not look like a forest, at least not like the forests back home. As the road climbed I started seeing more trees. I did not travel as many miles today, it was flat to start then the last half of the day was just all up hill.

I texted mom that sap got in my hair. Do you know how hard that is to get out? Thanks to Jake, he reminded me to just take a shower

Hitch did not like the new wanna be friend so we left him be…

photo (49)< About mid day I called my mother, “Hey Mom, I’ve been thinkin…”

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  1. Thanks for the birthday shout out to Evan! We just received your postcard update too! We continue to be amazed by you. Keep up the good work, and can’t wait to hear the big news in Vegas! !

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