5.28.14 Dedication – Megan

I am pretty sure I am going to meet Megan in CA. I am really looking forward to seeing her! It sounds like we have a lot in common! She even has a billboard in her honor near Palm Desert to help raise awareness of WS. I will post a pic of it here, and hope to get another pic as I ride by.

Megan 2 of 4

Megan 3 of 4

“Megan celebrated her 16th birthday in September with all her Williams Syndrome friends and their families, as well as her own family and high school friends, with a large “surprise” birthday bash with a live band and entertainment! As you know, all our kids love music, so you can imagine that they never stopped dancing!

Megan is a vibrant, beautiful and loving soul that seems to touch anyone who she meets. She has dreams and aspirations of becoming a speaker for Williams Syndrome, traveling all over the world raising awareness.

There is a billboard on the I-10 in Indio, CA, that has her picture on it bringing awareness for Williams Syndrome! It was a wonderful honor for the use of the billboard to be donated by her Middle School, for our donations and support we gave over the years. It won’t be there much longer, but we are hoping it will be for a picture moment with Kevin coming through the desert.

Megan just attended the “Night to Remember Prom” in Chula Vista, hosted by Eastlake Church. It is open to all disabled teens and twenties! It is the most memorable and heart-warming event your child could attend. This was Megan’s second year and she plans on going till she ages out!

Megan loves jewelry, and the art of creating her own! She also loves theater and just played a part from “Wicked”! She loves art in all forms!

She is an animal lover and is deeply committed to stop animal cruelty.”

Here she is on the billboard… soo cool
Megan 1 of 4

2 thoughts on “5.28.14 Dedication – Megan”

  1. This is my daughter! Thank you for all you are doing! You are amazing.
    I hope we all get to meet you! We can come get you in Vegas!

    1. Thank you Tiffany. My mom said you offered yesterday. Mom is freaking out a little that it is hot in the Mohave Desert. I have been in the heat, but not 110 degrees like it has been and to ride 3-4 days in that… Hope people wont be mad and will understand, it may be just too hot for Hitch : )

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