5.29.14 Dedication – Randi

We have known Randi for several years. She always has a big smile and a warm hello. Parents love meeting her and hearing about her journey. We are lucky to live only about an hour away from her so Jake and Mom see her about 2-3 times a year (I have met her a few times, but Mom and Jake know her better). In addition to what she says below about herself, she is a super Aunt who loves her nieces and nephews. Mom says Randi and her boyfriend Jonathan make the sweetest couple.

She is pictured here at the WSA walk a year or 2 ago in Frederick MD with Sophia and Oli:

And here she is with Jonathan :

“Hello I’m Randi Wallace I am 31 with William’s Syndrome. I found out when I was 20 years old. It has been a tough journey with a lot of ups and downs but I have pushed through every one of them . I love hanging with my friends and family and I love animals and food and music.”

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  1. Kevin I want to tell you that this is an amazing adventure you are on and I love reading and meeting all the special Williams syndrome people you meet and hearing their stories. Thank you so much for spreading the awareness.

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