Hi.  I am Kevin Payne. As this is being created I am 18 years old and graduated from Hereford High in Parkton, MD in 2013.

I have 2 older brothers, Rob and Jake. Jake was born with a condition known as Williams Syndrome.  I won’t go into detail right here about WS and how the WSA supports its membership, you can find all that information at (for simplicity, there is a page at the top of the blog that will provide an overview of WS but please visit the WSA’s website for more information!)

Jake has had a huge influence on me. He constantly reminds me what kindness is, to see others without predjudice and to appreciate small accomplishments.  I want to do something good, I want to make a difference so decided to use my God given athletic skills to raise awareness of WS.  There are only about 25,000 people with WS in the USA and perhaps only about half are diagnosed.  I just knew when I heard the statistics this is how I can make a difference!

So in early April 2014 I will set out from Parkton, MD on a cross country solo bicycle journey.  I look forward to meeting families affected by WS along the way. If I can help one family, one person, my journey will be a success!

To donate to the WSA please visit


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