6.22.14 Update

San Diego was a blast! I got to meet a lot of new people I now call friends. We had a picnic on the grass and went for an incredible boat ride. It is CRAZY how the weather is different on the other side of the mountain. It is only about a 90 minute car drive, but the temps change by like 35 degrees in that 90 minute ride!!!

OH!!! HUGE NEWS! Bigger than Hitch loosing her first tooth : )
I emailed Thule, they make an elite stroller. They are going to DONATE the Cougar 2 trailer with the bike and jogging wheel attachments!!! A stroller you ask? No baby here. It is so I can push the gear and Hitch when we head Eastbound on foot! Like I told Mom, “That’s what all the Cross Country solo runners do”
I am preparing that this will be quite different from running cross country at Hereford High. Instead of doing “The Dip” twice in a race, it will be over and over and over, literally. Anyone live near Sacramento that the stroller can be shipped to / I can pick up from?

boat 1

boat 3

boat 4

boat 5

boat 6

boat 7

boat 8

boat 9

boat 10

boat 11

boat 12

boat 13

boat 14

boat 2

photo (56)

photo (58)


bike attachment


Anyone with a connection to a running shoe company? I will go through about 10 pair…

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