6.26.14 Dedication – Tatum

We have known Tatum and her family since Tatum was a baby. She is the funniest kid I have ever seen, keeps everyone laughing for sure. Her sister Emma is the best big sister she could ask for. Her mom, Lisa is co-chair of the Mid-Atlantic region with Erin whose daughter was spotlighted yesterday. Lisa’s babsitter Emma is the original Williams Syndrome Walk host, having done it as a school project when she was in high school! From one walk in Frederick MD look at what it has grown to! Emma still comes back each year from New Mexico to help Lisa and Erin with the walk! Yes, this is the same Emma that hosted me a couple days as I rode through Albuquerque.




Tatum loves to talk, will talk to anyone anywhere! At Hopkins the other day she made a point to try to strike up a conversation with everyone she made eye contact with! Ya better watch your phone when she is around. She will gladly pick it up and start dialing to see who will answer on the other end. She loves music of course and horses. Rules though, that’s a different story, they do not apply to her : )

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