6.28.17 Dedication – Kolee

You can just see from this picture that Kolee is a ball of fun! 20 months old and walking! That is fantastic! I hope I will meet her, looks like she has my level of energy. For her it is called determination, a great characteristic; mine, however, is called stubbornness. Why is that? Oh right, because she is ADORABLE!


“This is Kolee, she is 20 months old. Kolee was diagnosed with Williams syndrome at 6 months old. Kolee has pulmonary valve stenosis, bilateral branch stenosis and svas. Kolee just started to walk on her own about a month back and is starting to try to say more words. She is so cautious and yet so determined. She had taught me so much! She is such a joy and a true blessing to our lives.”

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