7.24.14 Dedication – Hudson

My man Hudson turns 5 today. WHOOP WHOOP! Happy birthday big guy!! Can’t believe you were only 4 when I met you : )


“Hudson Jones is the 5 YEAR OLD son of Clint & Beth Jones and lives in Ashford, AL. He was born July 24, 2009 and was diagnosed at 22 months old with Williams syndrome when he was not reaching “normal” milestones. We have been blessed in that Hudson’s health issues are mild at this point. He does have a slight narrowing of the aorta, but he is seen annually to make sure it grows as he grows.
Hudson loves to jump on his trampolines, swinging, and watching the Disney channel. He also LOVES to ride on the lawnmower and his daddy’s “me-cycle” (motorcycle) up & down our dirt road. Hudson plays t-ball for the Blue Tots with the Dothan Miracle League, and really enjoys it. He is a water baby, he loves the water and the beach. Hudson is ALL boy, bugs/critters are very interesting to him, not very interesting to mama though. LoL!
Hudson attends the preschool program at Ashford Elementary two days a week where he receives OT, PT, and ST along with his weekly private ST & OT session in Dothan. We love his teacher, aides, and therapist and are so thankful for their caring ways with Hudson. He rides horses weekly for therapy at Life Savers TRC, a little fun therapy is always good. :)
Everywhere we go everybody falls in love with our little guy. We are told on a regular basis that if someone if having a bad day Hudson can come in and it makes it all better. He lights up the room wherever he goes. When Hudson was diagnosed we were upset & scared, we still have those moments. But Hudson’s Great-Granny settled our minds a little when she reminded us that we were “chosen” to be Hudson’s parents and God has a plan for us and for him. We have made some great friends since Hudson’s diagnosis that our paths probably would not have crossed if it were not for Hudson.
We are blessed to have Hudson in our lives and we are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for him and for us. Everyday is an adventure!!
Thank you Kevin for your bravery on your adventure to spread awareness for Williams Syndrome. always sending prayers for safe travels for you along your way.”

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