7.25.14 Stats, the biking part of the ride ends 7/26

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Today I rode from Grants Pass to Crater Lake. Pretty much all day I climbed a mountain. Wait til you see the pictures, worth ever push on the petal!!! It was cold overnight!! Like 40!! I really could not sleep so got up at 4am on Friday and started biking toward Bend. Thank you to the Paslay family for hosting the next couple of days. Dan is coming to meet up in Bend and he will ride the bike back to Baltimore while I run. THANK YOU DAN!!!!!

Crater Lake was not on my original list of places to see but I am sooo glad for change in plans. This place is amazing, really too amazing for the word amazing.
Remember, I am taking pictures with the I Phone, no retouching!

Something I learned… the lake was formed almost 8,000 years ago when Mount Mazama volcano collapsed. There are no rivers running in or out. It takes 250 years for the water to naturally be replaced by evaporation and rain/snow. The lake is more than 1,900 feet deep, the deepest in the US and 7th in the world.

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OK, so by the time you read this I will be in Bend so instead of posting the stats tomorrow for today, I will post them below. It is a warmer day today and all downhill. THANK GOD! For the next couple of days I will be putting together the stroller, making trips to REI and food stores and RESTING. Gotta give this body a break before what lies ahead.
I have a lot of mixed feelings about the ride part of the journey being over. I am proud that I made it this far!

Averages- the averages are pretty much in line with what I had hoped. I have ridden for 65 days, 5056 miles in about 526 hours. Average – 78 miles a day and 9.5 mph. Yes, the east coast I was crushing these numbers with a bunch of 100+ miles days and a few 120+. That was flat land. NM, AZ and CA is a whole different story! I have had a couple of COLD nights, a few HOT days, thankfully only a couple of days of rain (beside that big storm in late April in FL), a couple of times getting lost in areas will make for great stories. I have met the most interesting people and families that have hosted or have come to see me are amazing. I will be forever grateful to Tiffany and Linda for giving me rides over and out of the desert (FYI the rides from them are NOT included in the 5065 miles). I am VERY happy overall.

7.25 graph

7.25 chart

It will be really hard to choose pics for the postcard. Remember…
…… The Trip Pics page is pictures like today, of cool things I have seen.
…… The Index page is a quick way to find Dedication days and the day by day of what has happened and where I will go from here.
…… The Press page has web addresses to news and other footage

I will have a few day’s break and will post pics of Dan and I before we head out. Until then, have a great weekend and be well.

5 thoughts on “7.25.14 Stats, the biking part of the ride ends 7/26”

  1. YOU ARE AWESOME KEVIN!!!! Thank you again from our family to you for all you are doing to spread awareness for Williams Syndrome and for keeping us up to date on your journey , your daily adventures and the exciting changes you are making to finish off this amazing trip. You are in our prayers daily and we hope the days ahead are just as wonderful as the last few months, aside from the rainy days and chilly nights of course.

    We look forward to following you as you begin the trek back home in your running shoes. Prayers for continued health, safety, good weather and more great memories. And as Jenny would say “Run Kevin Run!!!”

    1. Sorry I didn’t put my name with this post I left for you the other day Kevin. A little absent minded I guess. Belle and I enjoy all your pictures and look forward to seeing even more as you journey home.

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