7.30.14 Dedication – Jake

Yes, I am dedicating another day to my brother Jake. Wanted to do this right away after switching gears since he is the inspiration for the journey. He is the reason I met so many great people and have seen so many amazing things. He is the reason Rob and I are who we are. Jake pushes us to be better, in our own very different ways. If this story is ever good enough to make a book, maybe Rob can produce the movie, that would be cool.

Most of you who are reading this know Jake. He is kind, thoughtful and just HILARIOUS! Just yesterday he gave Dad a gift and left it on the table for Dad to see when he got home. Luckily it was a cool day in Baltimore because the gift was ice cream. CMTSU (Can’t make this stuff up).
Jake works at Wegmans where he has been for 2 and a half years. They are really really great! Jake loves riding his 4 wheeler, fishing with friends, going to parties. He loves summer when the Buck is open to watch monster truck or crash up derbies, when outdoor concerts are around, when there are local carnivals and the state fair. He is always up for going on a road trip, going to new places and meeting new people.
Jake is really fortunate that he does not have any medical problems or SUPER hyper-acusis (sensitive hearing). Here are some pics of Jake through the years…

Jake feeding me!!!!  Jake was diagnosed 3 months later. One of my favorite pictures!!!

Jake feeding me!!!! Jake was diagnosed 3 months later. One of my favorite pictures!!!

jake 10

j cow

j drums


j baseball

Jake 4

Jake 2

jake 1

He did GREAT in cycling!!!
jake 5

jake 11

With Rob before Rob left for school…
jake 6

Jake 9

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  1. Jake is an Awesome Payne. But, he also has 2 amazing brothers’ Payne. Every family should have 3 Paynes. And their parents aren’ t too shabby, either. This family is totally awesome.

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