8.23.14 Stats

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We did it!!! Our first 50 miler!!! This is the first day the weather was really, um… the G rated version, crappy. That’s as G rated as I can go. It POURED today and it was cold. Cold and rainy! We really pushed it today and by the time we reached Snake river campground we were REALLY hungry and realized we really did not eat much today at all.

At the campground we met Sam and Marcy. They are biking across the country and are heading to Portland. They are soo nice. Looking forward to eating with them and just sitting around talking with them.

I don’t know why I had Idaho Falls stuck in my head. Mom kept saying Rexburg which is about 33 miles straight north of here. Have to figure out where to go from here. Mom will like to hear we finally got bear spray. Sam sold us his for $20, He did not need it thankfully.

No pictures from today, weather was too miserable! Glad we found a laundromat so we can dry our clothes and gear.

Be back soon! Until next time, be well.

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