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First let us say how sorry we are for those that were affected by the earthquake in Napa Valley today. I heard there are a lot of people who were hurt and a lot of property damage, at the same time thankful it was not bigger. Napa is northeast from San Fran, I hugged the coast and was probably 25 miles from it.

Tried to get back on course so we made our way north to Rexburg, ID. Stayed the night at Rainbow Lake and Campground. It is really cold at night, like in the low 40’s. We both needed to get some cold gear biking/running pants in Idaho Falls. It warms to about 70 during the day. The temperature swings are just crazy. Just last week it was so hot! Going to start adding the night temps to the chart now mostly so Dan and I can remember later where it was so cold.

I think the route through Yellowstone is a running path going up the mountains. There are 2 REALLY REALLY big climbs ahead of us. Not sure if the running path is going to be good for the stroller and the bike. We heard from Sam and Marcy it is not so may need to re-route this part. Mom, any luck with this?

Hitch is feeling OK I think. Trying to be sure she is not scratching.

Nicole (Dan’s sister) got her first pick of lava rock. Hope she liked it.

That about it for now. Pretty uneventful day. That’s kinda how it is, some very eventful days then some kinda regular days.

Keeping you up to date on Jordan from his fb page… Glad he is feeling good!!!


Another amazing inspiration! Ian did an IRON MAN in Lake Placid in honor of his son Gavin! Here is the Williams Syndrome Assoc fb announcement

5 thoughts on “8.24.14 Stats”

  1. I think I missed the post about Hitch. I remember that you were going to have her spayed but what was the problem with her leg? She was yelping sometimes but we’re they ever able to figure out why? Praying for you all!

    1. We don’t know what the deal was with her leg. She would limp and whimper and sometimes yelp. She is fine now and the vet did not see anything. She may have twisted it when she was running from the cat, that may have been the first time she yelped now that I am thinking of it. Whatever it was she is fine now. Mom asked where she sleeps – at the inside foot of the sleeping bag, either mine or Dan’s. She is plenty warm enough.

  2. Great update! Nicole loves her lava rock! She was honors to get first pick. You are very thoughtful!! Thank you for thinking of us when you collected the rocks. I hope you find a nee route to avoid those hills!! Sending all our love from the Burkoski, Webman, and Wagner families’!!

  3. Another great update. Yes, Nicole loves her lava rock. She was honored to get first pick! You guys are great! Glad you are getting the gear you need. I hope you can figure out a route around those hills!!

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