8.27.14 – Shout outs to Brandon, Jacey, Lil

There is a lot going on today. First, I am glad my new friend Brandon from Oceano CA made it through eye surgery with Flying Colors! Oh, he has a patch so may not be able to see the flying colors but will soon! Heal quickly Brandon! That’s kind of a sucky way to get out of the first week of school though Dude! (I know he looks like a younger version of Jake. CA-RAZY!) I think the altitude is messing with my head, too many mom-isms lately.


brandon 2

A couple of Happy Birthday wishes to Jacey (5) and Lily (7). Hope those ages are right, I think so…



So get a load of this… Let me first say I am terrible with names (yeah, you probably already know that!) In Jackson Hole this morning I started talking to this man near the church just about whatever… After a little while he asked what we were riding/running for so of course I told him. He was totally in shock!!! He has a sister in her 30’s with WS and they have never met another person with WS. CRAZY! I really hope they get in touch with the WSA! He is the third random person I met that has a relative with WS; the folks in OK, Ali and her family who we met in Idaho (from OR) and today.

3 thoughts on “8.27.14 – Shout outs to Brandon, Jacey, Lil”

  1. Just one word about the “random” meetings….GOD!
    You guys are doing His work. He will continue to bless the people you meet and He will bless you and Dan, as well. Awareness is only 1 piece of this amazing journey.

  2. I LOVE these stories! Awareness continues to spread. I hope those folks do look up WSA and connect with other families. They don’t know what they’ve been missing! Keep up the great work! :)

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