8.28.14 Dedication – Laurie Thiessen

Grandpa L.  We just love him and his wife!

Grandpa L. We just love him and his wife!


This is Debbie. I am sad to learn that Laurie Thiessen of Canada has passed away. Anyone who was at the convention in Boston or this last one in Anaheim knows him and his wife Linda. They were always in the lobby meeting and talking to people. To put a face to a name, Laurie was in the wheelchair and Linda was always at his side. They always had a smile and a hello. They quickly learned everyone’s names, their stories and were just a complete joy to talk with. They are so proud of their 3 sons and completely adore their granddaughter.

When I think of a couple in love, even after so many years, Linda and Laurie come to mind. Despite the fact Parkinson’s took his ability to walk and sometimes talk, Linda could tell by looking in his blue eyes what he wanted to say, what he needed. She cared for him so tenderly. It was really the most beautiful love to witness. Just the way the looked at each other, held each other’s hand, it was truly amazing.

When a young teen girl saw them in Anaheim she ran over to him with her arms wide, “Hey look its the shakey guy from last time”. Linda and Laurie just laughed and hugged her back. They just loved the innocence and pure joy this girl showed.

His passing is bittersweet. How can it be that a person can feel so many emotions at one time? Being heartbroken for Linda and being happy for Laurie that he is no longer fighting this disease, that his soul is free.

When I asked Linda what I could say about Laurie, this is what she said.

“Dear Deb,
Laurie celebrated life, had no regrets, and left us laughing. Meeting you and your family was a gift. Thank you. Love, Linda”

Linda and Laurie’s love and story is a mirror to another that is very dear to us. We love you Sherry and miss you Warren. Sherry comments often and is known as Aunt Sherry to Rob, Jake and Kev (and many others).

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  1. Thanks, Deb. As I began reading your story, I thought how much it reminded me of Warren’s story. Then, to read that you saw that too is amazing. We love your family. Hope to catch up with your folks soon.

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