9.1.14 Stats

We want to thank Rick and Echo for their hospitality and friendship! We could never thank them enough! Really. Breakfast of pancakes and sausage was amazing!!!

Look at what they gave to Dan and I! We each got one. Some things take our breath away. This was one….

Thank you Rick and Echo!

Thank you Rick and Echo!

Amazing gift from Rick and Echo

Amazing gift from Rick and Echo

9.1 chart

9.1 grapj

After we left Rick and Echo’s the day was pretty ordinary. Just kept talking about how nice everyone was. We camped out in some trees in a cornfield not too far from the intersection of 26 and Lysite Moneta Rd.

Travel days we are averaging 32.3 miles and including rest days we are at 27.6 miles per day. Using the rest day averages and expecting to spend a week at Slippery Rock to see some friends we think we should be home about Nov 12. I am thinking this is the farther date, it will flatten out soon and even if our averages increase by 1 mile per day that adds up quickly with ~1850 miles still to go. We are about 78 miles from Casper. Pretty much nothing else before that.

Just playing around and mapped out the elevations to Sioux City, IA. Check out the red line… Sooo excited!

boyson to sioux city

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  1. Good job, guys. We enjoyed your pass through Idaho. We’ve taken the same route as staff for the Idaho Bike Ride. Amazing country, amazing people.

  2. Home before Thanksgiving!!! Wow!!! Awesome!!! Love hearing about the hospitality and generosity people share with you two! Stay safe, healthy, and strong!

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