9.2.14 Dedication – Addie

I am so glad we met Addie back in Mitchell OR. This chance encounter meeting her and her family at the diner was really cool. Addie was so excited to meet us, but we were more excited to meet her! I know you are going to be an entertainer but first is school. Hope you have a great time in 7th grade Addie!!!

addie 2

addie 1

Left to right, Dan, our new friend Addie, and Kev

Left to right, Dan, our new friend Addie, and Kev

This is Adelaide who also goes by Addie. She will turn 13 on 1/24/2015. Addie was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when she was 9 months old. Her first triumph was walking and with the help of braces was up and dancing by 2-1/2! She has not stopped dancing since.

Addie has a particular love for musical groups – her favorites are The Wiggles, The Fresh Beat Band and Pentatonix! Her dream is to be in the Wiggles someday and entertain children all over the world with music and dancing.

Her parents call her Little Miss or Miss Addie. Addie comes into a room with a big smile and big personality to boot – she makes friends where ever she goes! Her Mom and Dad tease her for being kind of a rock star in the neighborhood. When she walks into the local grocery or eatery – everyone knows her name and she greets everyone back with an amazing knack for remembering their names. Addie also loves swimming, fishing, animals of all kinds and playing with her cousins.

Addie enjoys school and has made huge leaps and bounds in academics as she enters 7th grade. She is very much looking forward to meeting others with Williams; hopefully at a music summer camp someday – she has said many times she can’t wait to meet her brothers and sisters!

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  1. Thank you Kevin for all of your love and energies regarding WS. Our family only met Addie once at a family reunion in Montana because we live on the east coast. She is exceptionally warm and a joy to be around. We enjoyed so much being with her for the short time that we were. She is a lovely young lady and hope I’ll get to see her soon, at another family reunion. I am sending some support to help out.

  2. Thanks for all that you are doing to raise awareness. We sure are proud to have Addie as our granddaughter. How can we help with your trip with a donation?

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