9.2.14 Update & Funny stories on sensory and anticipation

Hi. This is Debbie. I think the guys are in a no cell area probably about 30-50 miles west of Casper, WY would be my guess. In looking at google maps along rt 26 there really is nothing out there so I am not surprised they are not answering their phones or giving updates. Probably later today or tomorrow they will have something.

Hoping a news station in Casper will pick up their story.

On sensitive hearing… copied from a fb post and names changed of course…

“We went to a local minor league baseball game Friday night. During the Star Spangled Banner when they say, “Rockets red glare” wouldn’t you know they set off the worlds loudest fireworks!! My poor (young) child with WS was beside himself. They did more at the end of the song. He was flipping out and screamed at the top of his lungs $%^&*# %^&@#$%& *&*@#!!! Everyone was staring. All I could do was laugh. We had to leave for 2 innings to calm down. I am sure people think I’m mom of the year to have a tiny cursing kid.”
(I find this hilarious as did so many other WS parents on the page. Yes, we need to have a sense of humor to keep our sanity. Some of our children have incredible sensory issues, some cannot even tolerate a regular movie in a theatre, they need to go to a movie that has sensory adaptions. This is true for not only some children with WS but even some adults. So please, if and when you see someone freak out, don’t be judgmental, you have no idea what is happening beyond what you can see.)

On anticipation, again from fb last weekend with the permission of his mother…
“I love the set up he created on his own. He told me he really needs a fan when he writes! Oh, he is writing his birthday list, his birthday is in April. He likes to plan ahead.”

(Surely ALL you parents of WS “kids” are saying “Yup, been there!”)

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  1. Just a note about noisy places. My husband was very sensitive to sound and we found that foam ear plugs really worked well at movies and other noisy environments. You can get them at any drug store and you squish them up to fit any size. My kids still tease me because I never go to a movie theater without my ear plugs.

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