9.3.14 Update



The above graph and chart is 2 days of traveling… We were really in the middle of Nowhereville WY last night. No town, no homes, no cell. It was COLD!! I think it was probably in the 30’s overnight. We really couldn’t sleep well because it was so cold so we got a really early start on Wednesday the 3rd. By noon we were at the outskirts of Casper. Looking forward to eating again!!!

Dean Johnson at the NBC affiliate here in Casper reached out to us. We will meet him tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. Back to spreading awareness!!! Love it!!!

Hilarious stories on the next (previous) post. Thanks mom….

One thought on “9.3.14 Update”

  1. A million thanks!!!!!

    You guys are amazing, oh…that needs to be capitalized, Amazing!!!
    Stay safe
    Love from FL
    Debby and Mikey

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