9.4.14 Update

Thank you Dean Johnson of NBC news in Casper for interviewing us today. We will be on the news friday at 6 pm and 10 pm.

Other than that, Hitch had her stitches taken out and we went to the grocery store. Food out here is so expensive!

We will stay in Casper until Saturday. We met some people and they invited us over on Friday night,

Thank you to the family that is letting us camp in their yard Wednesday night and then let us stay in their basement Thursday night!

There are a lot of antelope out here. I heard that there are more deer and antelope in WY than there are people. Funny little thing I will remember forever. Oh and people DO NOT disturb the antelope. If an antelope is in your path, you go around…

Dan being interviewed by Dean Johnson…

Mom transferred the last of the $ to the “ride” account. We have 50 cents a mile to get us home for food, camp fees, shoes.

2 thoughts on “9.4.14 Update”

  1. No, no, no. I am contacting your Mom today to add money to your “ride” account. Please don’t even think about the money, guys. Just keep doing God’s work. Spread that awareness!

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