Early ride

February 27

Just completed the first BIG training ride.  From Parkton to Rising Sun MD then from Rising Sun to Salisbury.  Total of about 165 miles, a typical 2 day ride very soon.  A big thank you to the family that when asked if I could stretch my hammock in their trees offered dinner and to sleep in the camper in their driveway!  Very nice of them! Weather was chilly, about 35-40 both days and snowy this morning.  Come on Spring!    Great seeing you Dan, catch ya later my friend!

4 thoughts on “February 27”

  1. Your trip sounds amazing. My nephew, Zach has Williams and is graduating from high school this year in Delaware. His big brother and biggest fan Jake will be in the front row to support him. Safe travels and thank you for spreading the word about Williams. Will you be coming over the Chesapeake Bay bridge? We would love to cheer you on or offer a resting spot.
    from Kent Island, MD

  2. Kevin
    You are truly inspiring! My friend Karen’s little girl Ella has WS and that’s how we learned all about this rare condition. Along with my donation in her honor I am posting your site photo on my wall at work and will share your blog as you make the journey. Depending on where you are traveling if I have friends or family nearby I will gladly ask them to provide a place to sleep and a healthy meal.
    Be safe out there!

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