9.23.14 Stats

tues graph

tues chart

We made a lot of headway today, about 68 miles. I was on the lb for about 20 miles of it. We had some stretches of slight down hill and the road was smooth. We did get a late start (about noon) because it was raining early in the day, and we stopped about 8:30 at night. It is now Wednesday morning. We are a little sore, I think this was the farthest we have gone.

Dan wants to go to Univ of SD. We will see how far it is. I think it is backtracking a little but not much. It will be good to be on a college campus for a day or 2. No mom, don’t you and Ms. Amy get any ideas!

We heard from our moms that there will be a welcome home party on November 15. Anyone reading this is welcome to come. We are excited to see everyone again and am looking forward to the CANDY BUFFET!

Packin up... 9.23

Packin up… 9.23

Osmond, NE 9.23

Osmond, NE 9.23

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