9.24.14 Dedication – Noah

Noah – the man, the myth, the legend! I am happy to say I met Noah, his parents and sister in Folkston, GA at the Carnival day. Noah has sooo much energy! He is just all over the place, as any little guy should be!
I hear he is in Disney now celebrating his sister’s 1st birthday! Happy Birthday AVA!!! Thanks for the invite!!! I really look forward to watching them grow (through fb) and hope to see him at conventions at least!!!


Noah Palm is 3 year old boy who lives in Jacksonville, FL where he was born on November 11, 2010. He is the son of Tyler and Jessica and the best big brother to his baby sister, Ava.
Noah has been one tough cookie from the moment he was born! He was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome following open heart surgery when he was only two months old. His diagnosis was an unexpected challenge, but witnessing his incredible strength and resilience has been so life changing for us. We could tell from the day we met him that he was going to have such a big personality.
So much joy is brought to this world by Noah’s contagious laugh and smile. He makes people smile wherever we go. As with many Williams Syndrome people, Noah is a social butterfly and loves saying “Hello” to everyone we meet. He is always ready to be on the go (“Let’s Go” as he would say) and has more energy than anyone I have ever met. He is always busy!
The Bubble Guppies cartoon, baseball and trains are some of Noah’s favorite past times. He also loves to play on his fort in the backyard and run around with his two dogs. Noah is also a little foodie. He loves to eat and eats all kinds of food, but his most recent food obsessions are oranges and ice cream!
We are so thankful to have a person like Noah in our lives as he has already taught us so much about love and kindness. We look forward to watching Noah thrive and grow into the person that God has planned for him. A big thanks and hugs to Kevin and the Payne family from Noah and the Palm Family.

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  1. We met briefly Wednesday at the KOA in Sioux City SD. We were parked across from you. You gave me one of your papers about WS and your trip. I started reading your blog last evening. We are traveling with my sister and her husband. She has cancer and may have to have chemo when we get back from our trip. We have been praying for a complete cure, but so far it hasn’t happened. God has been gracious in giving her 8 years of life when originally the doctors gave her 6 mths. to 2 yrs. My husband and I started praying for you and your dogs this morning. I’m a dog person! Have a blessed day. Mary Ann and Paul.

    1. It was great meeting you Mary Ann and Paul. Thank you for reading about Williams Syndrome and taking the time to look at the blog and comment. We will pray for your sister that she does not need chemo and if she does that the chemo kicks the cancer’s ass! (There is no political correctness on the topic of the “C” word!) Praying your family will have many many healthy and happy years together.

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