9.23.14 Dedication – Liv

Happy Birthday to beautiful Ms. Liv!!!!

I met her and her parents in Folkston GA in April. They are super nice and Liv is super cute!!!! Here are pics that her mom posted on fb. She just brings a smile to anyone who meets her, or even sees her in a pic. Her spirit really shines!

I can’t wait to see her and her parents Kylie and Ron again! They are really cool (and mom would say they are a beautiful family, they are…)


liv 3

liv 2

Liv was tested for WS at 2 days old & it was confirmed when she was less than a month. It was a rocky start, but all of her serious health issues have currently totally improved! Prayers work! Liv has hit all of her milestones on time thus far and is eating solid food (peas are her favorite)! Her favorite activities include smiling, laughing, bouncing, cuddling, making new friends, and watching TV at every possible opportunity! Liv has brought so much joy to everyone who meets her, especially her very loving grandparents!

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