9.24.14 Stats

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So Wednesday was an average day. Good temps, sunny. We did go up to University of South Dakota. REALLY nice campus! Had we thought of it a few days ago we probably would have saved 60 miles of traveling. Oh well. We will make it up.

Tell us we don’t know how to wear out a puppy? He is just too tired to move.

When I was at Slippery Rock I pledged to Pi Kapp so guess where we went? Up to the Pi Kapp house. When we introduced ourselves to them the first thing they handed us was a REFRESHING beverage. Zac and Aaron have been really nice! We stayed here the night. May stay one more day…



Univ of South Dakota 9.24

Univ of South Dakota 9.24

A preface to what the note I am going to leave Ms Abby. I stayed with Abby, her little sister Claire and of course her parent in Vegas for about a week. They hosted the party where a few other WS families came. They also arranged an interview with Mr Camera and the local TV news.


Sooo… as you can see she is a pretty 6 year old but what you can’t see in this picture is there is a boy in her 1st grade class that has a crush on her. My message to Abby…
“Happy Birthday, I see you turned 6 last week! Yeah for you. Good job helping your sister learn how to walk. I know you are proud of her just like I am. Now very serious stuff here… I know your heart belongs to me Abby and mine to you ; ) SOOO, just for the next 15 years or so we need to be moon friends. When I look at the moon I will think of you and when you look at the moon you can think of me. And if a boy in your class is (in this order) NICE, KIND, FUNNY, and CUTE it is OK for you to like him too. OK? In only 15 more times around the sun, that’s all, we will see where our lives are then. Promise.”
Here is a picture of me when I was about your age. I was a rebel. Don’t like a 1st grade rebel! Nothin’ but trouble.

What the heck, it's TBT

What the heck, it’s TBT

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