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It was hard leaving University of South Dakota where we were for a couple days. The guys in the Frat house could not have been any nicer. The Sorority house had the pups. The puppies are great at spreading awareness! It was funny walking around campus. People would come up to us “Hey your’s those guys with the dogs doing that thing!” Some were more specific so we hope a good message was spread.

Dan and I headed out of Vermillion and made it to a KoA. Then after thinking about the party back at the school we turned around and went back for another night. We know it this stop is really eating into our built in rest days but we agreed we would rather push it hard a few days to make up the time. It was worth it!

We found a clean corner to take a pic?  JK  Great time at University of South Dakota!

We found a clean corner to take a pic? JK Great time at University of South Dakota!

Yes, it is a great time here AND we are making a difference. Here is a comment from Houston that he posted on Claire’s dedication page (thanks Bro):

“Bro I googled your name and a bunch of stuff popped up. From. News reports of your family to your dog hitch. You are a fantastic person. Kevin and Dan are two of the most influential boys I have met in a very long time. It’s was great getting to know you over the past 24 hours and getting the chance to chill and get to know you both. You two guys are going to be legends here in South Dakota. You touched the hearts and minds of many here and from your story influenced many others. Vermillion will always be a place for you two men!! I personally had a great day getting to know you two. Have a safe journey all the way back home. I know your families must miss you both. You better return to Vermillion SD as students. Or visitors Eric Cody and I had a great time. And Wish you well in all you do!! Safe travels from South Dakota

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  1. Told ya! God is using you, Kevin and Dan! When God calls you to go, you go. You did and look what happened! AWARENESS!!

    Lives are being changed….

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