9.29.14 Stats

We did not travel today. I am not feeling well. Just caught whatever is going around on campus.

No worries, already went through symptoms with Dr Google (aka mom) and it is not the entero virus or mono. Just thinking it is a cold with sore throat. Hope to hit the road tomorrow.

Dan and the puppies are good. A couple of pics from Dan…

Hitch fell asleep in the back pack.  hahahaha

Hitch fell asleep in the back pack. hahahaha

photo 2 (30)

photo 1 (31)

photo 1 (30)

photo 2 (29)

One thought on “9.29.14 Stats”

  1. Kevin
    Here’s to you feeling better real soon! There is no way to Thank you guys enough for what you are doing for our WS Community .
    Again…hope you feel better soon. Always wishing for safe travels, too.
    With love and prayers for the rest of this journey….
    Debby and Mikey

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