10.27.14 Dedication – Gracie Ann

Gracie seems to be my kinda gal!!! Look at her spunky self! Just tooo cute!

gracie 1

gracie 2

“Gracie Ann is a vibrant four year old with Williams Syndrome who is adored by her parents, Brian and Nicole, her little brother, Jackson, 18mos and her puppy, Maya. Her Story: Gracie’s diagnosis came prenatally when I was 30 weeks along in my pregnancy. It was a terrifying time for us…if only we had known the joys to come! She is the light of our lives and a joy to all those who have the pleasure of meeting her. She enjoys going to school, playing with her friends outside, going swimming, to her tumbling class, jumping on her bouncehouse and going to the family’s clubhouse and her grandpa’s farm. Gracie has been blessed with very mild medical concerns and is doing great in school so far! She has a bright future ahead and we can’t wait to experience all the joys that she will bring in the years to come. We love you Gracie!!!”

Is this classic WS or what?? Pure joy over nothing more than the attention from the photographer and hands over the ears to protect from sound that no one else noticed..


Well, whatever she heard was pretty funny!

gracie 3

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