10.28.14 Dedication – Ashley

And another one of my beautiful girlfriends from VA, Ashley! Recently her Mom took her to see Frozen on Ice. She cried she was soooo excited! Who wouldn’t be? Have a great Halloween Ashley, even though we know this beautiful dress is not a costume, it is a seriously pretty Princess gown!
Dan and I will be at Slippery Rock University over Halloween so cannot participate in this drinking game but what a great idea… “for every Elsa that visits, take a swig”.

Ashley 3

ashley 2


Ashley is our second child, with her pregnancy everything was wrong, she is a miracle child really, she came to this world on March 30th 2005 weighting 5 pounds 6 ounces, and been 17 inches long. As soon as I saw her I was in love, she came home and nothing seemed wrong, she cried all the time for hours and hours, just as if she was in pain, all the doctors could tell me was, all babies cry and there is nothing wrong with her… With a heart murmur as the only explanation why… Time passed and I noticed that her eye lashes were inside her eyes, she had to deal with that for a year, she was late in every milestone, she stated crawling after been a year old, walking after 18 months and no talking… Again no explanation of why, when she was 3 I stated to look for help and finally got the school system to do an evaluation to her, she was diagnosed with speech delay and developmental delay, at age 4 she started pre school, and speech therapies, she started talking, the Williams syndrome diagnosing didn’t came for another 2 years, I took her to an ophthalmologist for a check up and he told me that with his experience he could tell she had Ws, I went home and started the research about it, asked my doctor for a genetic test and waited… After some weeks the results came back, she had Williams syndrome, she was 6 years old at the time, after that she started special education and we now see 14 different specialists including a speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist, she is now 9 years old, the light in our house and the blessing we needed, she was meant to be with us, and she is our joy. She is a very smart little girl, filled with love to give and always making people smile and laugh. Nothing stops her from getting what she wants and fighting like a trooper, I learned so much with her, people tells me that she is so blessed to have me, but I think it’s the other way around, I am the blessed one for having her.

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  1. Hello, I’m Ashleys mom and I Wanted to share with you all that she had no idea she was going to see frozen on ice, I kept it a secret, we even kept her away from the tv just to prevent her from seen the advertising about it. That day I told her she was going to the doctor and that she could use her Elsa dress just because she had to go to the doctor. When she realized that she was actually going to see Frozen on ice she started crying. She loved the show, I would do it again just to see her face, the joy Disney characters bring to her it’s just priceless.

  2. I never get tired of hearing these beautiful tributes to children born with WS. Every single one is more beautiful than the last. Thank you so much for sharing.

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