10.30.14 Dedication – Mikey

Let me just say Mikey is AWESOME!!! I have known Mikey since I was a baby. Mom she thinks they are the first WS family we met, Jake was probably 4 and Mikey was probably 3. Somewhere there are pictures of them together.


Mikey is a great musician. Ms Debby asked him to play something on the piano and he just plucked these songs out of mid air. No paper music, just plays by ear!

Mikey loves his local fire and police department as much as they love him! He finished high school last year and is taking classes now at USF (University of South Florida). His favorite class is Spanish!

Mikey 3

Mikey is easy going, will just go where ever when ever. A few years ago we went to an America’s Got Talent audition in Tampa with Mikey, Jake and our moms. It was a great day!

April 25th Mikey learned to drive a golf cart in Folkston GA. I remember the smile on his face (no not just because the pic is here, I really remember it)!



And here he is with his friends hanging out with the Band Perry in June in Nashville!!!!!

mikey 2

5 thoughts on “10.30.14 Dedication – Mikey”

  1. Im sure Mikey is so honored and humble to have received this dedication…but what is even more of an honor is to know Mikey.
    He is truly a remarkable person. We can learn so much from his
    tremendous positive outlook on life. He can always make you smile and laugh by always knowing the right thing to say.
    P.S. Loved your piano playing…actually made me cry…and then smile :-)

  2. Wow Kevin, thank you!!!!

    Mikey is totally amazed by what you guys have accomplished. You are such an inspiration!!!!
    Thank You Kevin (and Dan, too!!) for being who you are! Hope to see you guys soon!!

    1. What you are doing/have done for The WSA and all our families of loved ones with WS is truly unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!
      Always keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!!

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