10.31.14 Happy Halloween

Aaron on left, Dan on right and Elliott & E.T in center.

Aaron on left, Dan on Right and Elliott E.T in center.

Yeah, Hitch got 2nd place for her Halloween costume…
et 2

et 3

Jared from GA is rockin! Won a costume contest!!!

LaDonna made Frigginstein cupcakes for my man Walker. Remember that story from a week or 2 ago? hahahaha


Thank you Aunt Barb!!!

2 thoughts on “10.31.14 Happy Halloween”

  1. I think you guys are amazing! We love the letters with the photos. As a matter of fact, every time we opened your newsletter we sent another $100! Just to show you the extra efforts you made directly impacted more funding for WSA.
    You are role models for all of us. sorry I will miss your welcome home party as well be traveling but my friend whose daughter Ella has WS is hoping to attend.
    Congratulations on your incredible journey. You’ve alreadry made the world a better, healthier, friendlier place!

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