11.3.14 Stats and we can see home on the map!!!!!

monday graph

It was really really cold today and really really windy. It is a very scenic ride, trees still have some leaves and are orange and yellow and red. Some of the leaves that have already fallen let us see the hills and valleys better. Really the best of the fall, except the wind.

Thanks to Aunt Barb we were able to get a hotel room Sunday night near Ligonier. It was sooo cold so we are soo appreciative we did not need to sleep in the tent!

I will catch up on pics soon.

We can FINALLY see home!!!!! So where do we live? Do you see Harrisburg? And the orange line for 83 that heads south? And the dotted line where 83 crosses into MD? We each live about 4-5 miles from that “intersection” just a little further into MD.

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