11.4.14 Last ride day and thank you

Dan and I would like to sincerely thank Mr Rod and Ms Sara Putman. They are Evan’s grandparents. They arranged a hotel room for us for Monday night. Evan is soooo cute!!!!



We were only maybe 15-20 miles from where they live and we are soooo sorry we did not see them. Totally our fault. We were just so focused on the long ride ahead. No excuse for not seeing them though. We really appreciate what they did for us!!!! We really do not live far from them (by car) so I hope to meet them in person on trips between home and SRU. Hope all goes well with you this week Ms Sara.

Dan and I decided to make the last day one to remember. We did not share the plans earlier because we didn’t want to jinx it. We will travel the furthest and the most time on the road in one attempt now to get home. I am thinking it will take about 24 hours to go the last 170+ miles. Why so long? First because it is chilly and second and the main reason is we are in the Appalachian Mountains. Have you ever driven along 30 around Somerset or Bedford? Pretty steep hills. Not as high, not nearly as the Rockies, but it is steeper I think. We stopped a couple of times to rest our legs, lift them. It helped temporarily but between the hills and the cold they are cramping on both of us pretty regularly.

We are looking forward to coming home and sitting in a hot tub! Sorry mom(s), we will have laundry to do. We will load it if you can help put it in the dryer, we will probably be asleep by then.

Thank you everyone for all you have done for us. Some have hosted events as we passed through, some have hosted us for a day to a week +, some have provided lodging like last night or meals, some helped with shoes and the new bike in OK, some with meal funds, some with reaching out to media as we passed through, some not even affected by WS have opened their homes or have helped with repairs, therapist, mailing things home etc. I don’y want to leave anyone out, there have been so many many great people who have made this journey possible. And THANK YOU for your prayers, encouragement and emotional support! THANK YOU!

Enough of of that, we need to get back to what we are doing and finish strong.

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  1. I’m sure this day seemed so far away when you left on April 1st, and now you’re back. So proud of you for everything you’ve done!

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