11.5.14 AND WE’RE HOME

I will post some pics and stats later. Mom is a numbers person so she will slice a dice a million ways from Monday (whatever THAT means! her and her sayings, we 3 have no idea what 99% of them mean).

For now, after riding 22 hours straight (only short breaks), 170+ miles total and about half of them through the Appalacia Mountains, all we want to do is sleep. Dan got home first and surprised his parents. I wish I would have seen their faces! Mom and Dad were waiting up for me. Arrived at about 6:05-10, something like that.

Sometime tomorrow the paper will come to interview us. No news cameras on arrival. Something about elections and upsets has all the cameras and reporters doing other things.

Good “night”


3 thoughts on “11.5.14 AND WE’RE HOME”

  1. Welcome home!!!

    Thank you both so much for all you’ve done spreading awareness across the United States and the world… you may not think so but you’re HEROES to the entire WS community.

    God bless and sweet dreams.

  2. so glad you and Dan are home safe. What a journey you both had and a great job for WS. Loved your posts and pictures.
    I’ll miss them and the stories on the dogs too glad you rescued,the second dog and he has to be a happy dog.

    Your parents must be so proud
    Get your much needed rest and see you at Welcome home party

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