11.11.14 Getting re-adjusted

Getting re-adjusted to real-life… I am sure I can speak for Dan as well – It is good to sleep in a bed and be warm! Some things we will never take for granted –
FOOD, warmth, showers, conversation & the ability to talk with strangers. Ya never know that stranger could be your lifeline, or you could be theirs!

The last day… We rode from Ligonier PA to Parkton, MD. 170 miles and 22 hours later we were home!

Dan wanted to surprise his parents and they were SHOCKED when he walked in the door Wednesday morning at 5:45!

When I got home Wednesday morning at 6am, I introduced the pups to Dad’s dog Buzzman, a HUGE 8 month old German Shepherd! It only took 5 minutes for Buzzman and CB to start running in circles around the inside of the house. They LITERALLY have not stopped running circles in 6 days. CB is not very housebroken, he needs some work! Hitch is OK. She was really scared of Buzzman at first but now she is kind of running the house. Hitch and Buzzman have almost exact facial markings, funny to look at them side by side.

Anyway, after we introduced them, I talked with Dad, took a LONG shower and went to bed. About 4pm I looked and could not find my wallet. Looked EVERYWHERE. Unloaded the stoller, looked through the laundry, could not find it! All the contacts I made, Hitch’s ID, my ID, debit card etc. Called Dan, he looked through everything, Nope, he didn’t have it either.

Dad took me to the MVA on Thursday to get a new licence so I could drive.

Dad got a call Sunday morning. Half of the conversation was – “This is him… he is my son… how did you get my number… someone will call you back”

(Mom was about to have a cow only hearing this! Jake and I are home but Rob is still at school in Sarasota…)

The other half of the conversation was something like this – “Hi this is Kim. I am calling from (someplace near Chambersburg PA)… Are you related to a Kevin Payne … I found his wallet on Rt 30, everything seems to be in here, his ID cards, bank card, cash … I had looked on the internet and Facebook for a Payne in Parkton MD and saw that you lost your dog in May and the flier had your phone number…”

So the journey ends with another miracle!!!!! Thank you soooo very much Ms Kim!

We received this email…(and another family reached, this one so close to home)…” I live in the (the) area and look out for a neighbor that has Williams Syndrome. He is 24 now and I have know and cared for him for about 6 years. He’s always stopping by and I thought it would be neat for him to meet others with WS. He knows he has it, but he’s not really sure what it is” I think they are coming!!!

While we were at SRU I realized how much I missed it so went to admissions and re-applied (mom and dad were shocked!) I talked to Coach Bill and he said I have a spot on the team. (I was really bummed when I could not train in the fall of 2013 because of a broken collar bone). The plan is to redshirt in the spring semester 2015 and train hard over the spring and summer. Hopefully I will be in shape enough to compete next year as a decathlete. I register for classes today.

Aunt Barb and Sr Ada came to see me at SRU on November 1. Here are some pictures of the visit.

This is my Aunt Barb. Thanks for coming up to see us!!!!!

This is my Aunt Barb. Thanks for coming up to see us!!!!!

Aunt Barb with lots of goodies... here are fresh new socks!  Thank you!!!!!

Aunt Barb with lots of goodies… here are fresh new socks! Thank you!!!!!

Sr Ada, thanks for coming up to SRU!

Sr Ada, thanks for coming up to SRU!

Getting ready to hit the road after visiting with Aunt Barb and Sr Ada.  Yup, Hitch just loves it in the backpack!

Getting ready to hit the road after visiting with Aunt Barb and Sr Ada. Yup, Hitch just loves it in the backpack!

As promised, here are some numbers of where we slept-



Thank you MD Line Service Station!!! Kinda cool!

welcome home

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