Williams Syndrome Assoc Awareness Walks

The Williams Syndrome Awareness month is May. There are already about 40 walks scheduled all over the country! Amazing! Will I participate in a walk? Well, in a way.

Right now I am planning on hiking the AT (Appalachian Trail) starting right after finals in May. I will begin from the most Southern point in GA. I hope to make it the 2180 miles to Maine before school starts back up in August. Tight timeline for sure. ~90 days = an average of 24 miles a day. The record is 58 days 9 hours. 90 days seems do-able.

Stay tuned. Still kind of preliminary in planning…

4 thoughts on “Williams Syndrome Assoc Awareness Walks”

  1. Hi Kevin!
    My Nephew is leaving tomorrow (April 11) for the Trail also! Perhaps you may run into him! His name is Michael Clasing. Keep us updated on your progress!
    XO! Miss Claire

  2. Pretty awesome, for sure. As always, praying for you. I can’t wait to follow you again on this site! My son, Warren, asked me if you had ever done the AT last year when you came home. He’ll be very excited to hear that you are going to do this.

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