5.21 Entering into the Smokies

Kev is in a really bad cell area.  He was able to get a quick signal from a fellow hiker’s phone (Verizon, he has ATT).  Last night he stayed near the Fontana Dam Shelter.

He said this by far was the prettiest he has seen.  There were people there playing music and hanging out watching the sun set over the lake.    He took lots of pics but unable to send / post them.

He traveled 21 miles today (166 so far, 2023 to go) and is officially in the Great Smoky Mountains.

5.21 v1

5.21 v2

2 thoughts on “5.21 Entering into the Smokies”

  1. Love the Smokies! The stars are amazing from their! Love you, sweet guy! Keep you chin up, as Uncle Warren would say.

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