Bringing hope to South Sudan

I have chosen the charity, it is Save the Children.  I am excited with this joint effort to raise $ for an orphanage in Sudan.

I want to thank Detail King for their incredible support and sponsorship (and for creating this You Tube video)

In October/November 2015 I will leave from Key West FL on a XC run to Alaska (mostly barefoot, only sandals when needed) to bring awareness and raise funding to build an orphanage in South Sudan.  There are thousands of children that have been orphaned, so sad.

Jared, a good friend I met while hiking the AT is joining for at least some of this journey. It will be good to have his company.  He understands the purpose of the journey and is just as passionate about the cause. We will be doing this unsupported, no trailer van.  I will be using the jogging stroller from last year to hold clothes, tent, sleeping bag and food.  I have an attachment that will fit around my waist so I can “pull” it the stroller, not only “push” it.

I have been working since the finishing the App Trail to purchase  gear, supplies and save $ for food.  I pretty much have everything I need and just working on the last few details, like getting a passport for when I hit Canada / BC.

This will be just under 7,000 miles.  Hoping to do this in 280 days or less.

Capture 3

Thank you for your support and for following.

2 thoughts on “Bringing hope to South Sudan”

  1. Impressive effort to an amazing cause! I have a house in Niceville, Florida if you need a room/ warm meal when you pass by. Email me if you decide to take up the offer! God bless, Kassidy K.

  2. Will you return to Key West? I tattoo at Southernmost Tatto and I’m offering $150 towards a tattoo if you’d like to somehow commemorate your journey. Either way, good luck and be safe!

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