Day 3

After all the rain yesterday I finally got a little sunshine, or should say a lot! Right after I started a pulled off the side the road and out jumps my friend back in high school, Sarah and down the area with her parents heading to Naples, small Rolf after all!  After noon it reached 92 and with the sun hitting my back for around 16 miles  I finally ran up to some type of restaurant, a little gator food truck and my oh my was that $7 taco pretty damn good. I got back on ye road and saw this dead alligator laying on the road, like come on how hard is it to slow down or swerve just a little but nope he got him good, after another 3 and half hours or so of running I made it to the first campground I saw and pulled in finishing my day with 27 miles. I ended up taking a shower in my running shorts by the spicket and set up camp by the lake. I gotta keep drinking them fluids, I can feel myself drying up. Well I’ll see y’all! Peace 


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