Day 4

Well I had a pretty crazy morning from starting late to being pulled over and even breaking the front bolt to the stroller. Yogi and I got up and going around 9 this morning and I was still a little stuff from the past few days, I’m still trying to find my rhythm. After about 20 miles I had to make and emergency pit stop and pulled off the road into a little turn off and I let go of the stroller, dropping the weight on the front wheel and breaking the connecting rod. So after I took care of the serious matter I finally hitched a ride into a gas starting where we jerryrigged a new one to support the wheel. I can’t believe how many gators are out here and I mean GATORS! Molly told me I was in the blogging page called reddit it and it was cool to see how many people liked it and it was really funny seeing that someone I met on the Appalachian Trail posted about me!! Well I’m shooting for a good day around 30 or so, so I’ll get back to it and y’all keep reading it! 









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