Day 5

Today was a short day (miles) running into Naples FL but I got some press to follow my journey, the news paper and TV station down here met up with me and got se actions shots of me. Today was really windy but it made up for it with  the cool temperatures! I had to make a pit stop at the Lowes to do some customizing my stroller by fixing my handle bars on it so they finally stay in one place without moving around on me. I just wanted to do a huge thank you to Jim Gomory for letting me crash at his place tonight with a warm shower and some pasta to fill me up! Ready for a big day tomorrow heading up to Fort Myers  


2 thoughts on “Day 5”

  1. Hi Kevin: Inspirational to say the least! Take care and have a safe journey. Watch the traffic on your way, and may you be blessed with good weather throughout this journey! Steve

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