Day 6-34 Miles

Today ended up up being a pretty crazy day, from stepping on glass to running an extra 8 miles to another campground…. Yesterday I took it easy running less then 20 miles and spent the night at Jim Gomory’s house with his son, the were awesome hosts and took me out to dinner for some pasta. I woke up there and hit the road right after sunrise and clocked out 22 miles by lunch, running on the sidewalks is 100x better then the roads b/c I don’t have to worry about glass and the surface is a little more smooth but right when I thought I was in the clear I rolled my foot right over a piece of glass. Well God Dayum did that stopped me like an over heated Honda Civic that ran outta oil. By the time I stopped it was already bleeding. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that glass can cut you and I’m just surprised it’s taken 175 miles for it to happen. So I waddled over to the Walmart 2 miles away and patched myself up. I took off and ran for another few miles and I ran up to an RV campground but they didn’t allow tents even after I offered to pay for a full hookup spot but they laughed and I went on my way. I ran to the end of the street thinking, “Well damn where am I gonna go now I’m already at 26 for the day….”. I looked down at my map and saw the possible campground was 8 miles away and with the time being only 3:00 and I a&d to make up some miles; I took off down the road and made it in less then 2 hours. I found my spot here just outside of Cape Coral, Florida. Safe travels and don’t forget to check out my page

The newspaper article and pics from yesterday is at  you have to hit the arrow button on the right to see the full article.  Thank you Naple News!!!!


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  1. Kevin we just got home. We are the couple that gave you a ride. Hope your able to fix the stroller. Good luck in your travels and be safe.
    John and Joyce

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