Day 9/10-0 Miles

Sorry I didn’t get to update my blog yesterday. I was busy running around Sarasota, I finally made it Ringling  College of Art and Design where my big bro goes to school! He’s in the Movie Directing program and he’s busier than ever. Rob’s birthday is right around the corner and I was thinking about what to get him so yesterday after I woke up I went on craigslist and saw a pretty badass bike for sale so I called the guy. I got an Uber and met the guy all under an hour. But once I got the bike I realize I had an 18 mile bike ride back to school so I started biking down my merry way. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not biking b/c I would be dead with the amount of bad/old drivers down here. I almost got hit twice while biking back and it could of been my fault with the way I bike but who knows. I’m taking the day off to hangout with Rob a little more before I take off, the last time we saw each other was Christmas last year so I’m enjoying some one on one with the big man himself! 


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  1. You are right…. Florida is #1 in the country for pedestrian and bicycle fatalities… the sooner you are out of the state, the safer you will be!

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