Day 11- 36 Miles 

This morning I woke up in a bean bag chair at Robs apartment hoping that the time was around 6 but sadly the clock was a quarter past 9 and that’s wayyy to late for me to get at it. So I quickly threw all my things in the stroller, woke Rob, took a picture that my mom has been bugging me all week about and I got outta there! It was amazing seeing my brother and hanging out for a bit but I gotta get my ass to Alaska. By 1:00pm I had clocked out 14 miles and by 5:00pm  I had already made it a full 30. The nearest campground was 6 miles away and I was already done for the day, exhausted and thristy I pushed the stroller the rest if the way to Tampa! The owners hooked me up with a rockin deal and I’m showered with some grub in me, now all I gotta do is fall asleep!


One thought on “Day 11- 36 Miles ”

  1. Awesome day! You can really kick it if you have to. The stay with your brother must have given you a lift! Must have slept well tonight. later, SC

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