Day 12- 34 Miles 

Well today was one hell of a day, I woke up to the rain drops quietly tapping my tent but when I took a look outside I could tell it’s been raining all night and there’s no signs of it slowing. With a little motivation from Molly I started packing up my camp and got on the road around 7:20. For the first couple of hours it was a nice light rain so it cooked me down but after 11:00 or so the gates opened up and rain started coming down! Rainy days aren’t all that bad, it’s just getting started that sucks and knowing when your done for the day all your gear will be a little wet. After the miles started adding up and I got to the 25 mile mark I could feel the bottoms of my feet starting to tear up from being wet all day, the wax I put on my feet doesn’t do much when it’s raining so finishing the day it felt like I was walking on sandpaper. The last 5 miles of the day was pretty gnarly and the mental game just started!  


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  1. Kevin,
    Why don’t you wear shoes in bad weather? It will also help to keep your feet SAFE from nails, screws, glass, insect bites, etc.

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