Day 13- 38 Miles

Today was the biggest day yet and I made it to the campground earlier than I expected, the day went quickly but I still felt a every little pebble under me. My feet were still a little ripped up from running in the rain yesterday but what am I complaining about? I finally hit my 400 mile mark (only 6,800 miles to go) so I’m feeling pretty stoked about that! I stayed on schedule today hitting 10 miles by 10:00, 20 by 1 and finishing the day by 4, I made it to RiverLodge RV Resort and to my surprise I’m not allowed to set up camp here b/c no tents allowed but the owners loved Yogi and my story and cut me an amazing deal and let me sleep in a house they rent out and boy oh boy is it nice, showers, TV, a kitchen, and bedrooms so life is good. I’ve been pushing my body a little too much so tomorrow will be around 30! 


8 thoughts on “Day 13- 38 Miles”

  1. Hey Kevin & Yogi! Congrats on reaching the 400 mile mark! Wow, you sure are clipping along. I’m amazed that you are doing this all barefoot to boot! (sorry, pun intended).

    Keep on smiling while your miling!

    Is it possible to pin on a map daily your final rest point? To see your total progress? Just wondering? That would be cool.


  2. Well gosh Kevin, you’re flying along and you’ve already run right past us! Remember: Faith makes everything possible, Hope makes everything work, Love makes everything beautiful. May you have all three along with you on your journey!

  3. Glad to see you made it! Hopefully that pin in the front wheel holds up for a while. What a fascinating story. I have shared it all over the place online. It was great to meet you and Yogi. My wife and I look forward to following your progress all the way to Alaska on here.

    Camerin Cabrera

  4. Hi Kevin and Yogi!!
    I am the woman you met this morning at the Pet Shop in Crystal River. I just fell in love with the two of you! What an amazing young man!! Safe travels, and I will be following your journey…

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